Rule #1: Watch Your Step

IMG_7674 - Version 2

How comfortable are you with safety risks?  Some cultures place a high value on protecting their citizens…from every conceivable safety risk.  Other cultures tend to rely more on individual responsibility and self-awareness.  We have observed that our local town belongs in the latter category!

For example, the university recently removed the man-hole covers for a couple of weeks while performing seasonal maintenance.  It was striking to see these pits exposed (night and day) without any safety cones, warning signs, or lights.  Believe it or not, I almost stepped right into one of these holes on my way to class one day…after taking the above picture!  So, not only are we learning language and culture, we’re also learning to take personal responsibility for our safety.

Thinking of visiting us anytime soon?  Better start working on Rule #1.

And stay tuned for “Rule #2”!

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