Ancient Chinese Secret

My first traditional Chinese medicine - complete with snake!

My first traditional Chinese medicine – complete with snake!

No, I haven’t gone “native”…but this experience puts me one step closer!  I’ve been experiencing a very strange nerve-related pain in my leg for the past several months.  Basically, it’s like a burning, numb sensation along the outer surface of my lower left leg.  Oddly enough, very strong electrical pulses can be triggered in this same location by simply touching the inside surface of the left leg, just below the knee.

While in Bangkok last month, I saw 2 doctors and had a full EMG test conducted.  None of these efforts produced a diagnosis.  So, after returning to Dali, I paid a visit to a traditional Chinese doctor at a friend’s suggestion.

Traditional Chinese doctor preparing to "check my pulse" (bamai)

Traditional Chinese doctor preparing to “check my pulse” (“Bamai”)

As he sat on one side of his desk, and I sat on the other, this doctor simply monitored my pulse by holding both of my wrists for a couple of minutes.  He had no idea why I was visiting him or any of my medical history.  The first thing he did was ask if I ever have any lower back pain (“yes, occasionally”).  Then, he stated that I was having some pain in my lower left leg!  Seriously.  He said it was caused by my lower back.  He went on to ask about two other chronic health conditions I have experienced.  All of this based on a simple check of my pulse…and with no prompting or input from me.  Wow.

Doctor's Script (Rx)'s even harder to read than some US doctors!

Doctor’s Script (Rx)…it’s even harder to read than some U.S. doctors!

He explained that he could not begin treating the second two conditions until the lower back/leg pain was healed.  At that point, he wrote up a detailed script that included tree bark, snake, cherries, sticks, grass, and a number of other unidentified organic items!

Doctor's assistants assembling the magic ingredients

Doctor’s assistants assembling the special ingredients

His assistants mixed up the ancient remedy and prescribed a couple of specific exercises (including walking backwards for 30-60 minutes per day!).

Words cannot describe the aroma or taste of this medicinal concoction (neither are very pleasant), however, I plan to post a follow-up video that captures my initial experience!  At this point, I’m committed to following his regimen the best I can to see if it actually works.  When it comes to cultural differences, this one is HUGE!

Will let you know how it turns out…

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