Learning ABC’s at 50?

Can you imagine returning to preschool at age 50?!  Well, that’s essentially what we’re doing, although with a lot more experience and learning tools than your average preschooler!

Handwriting Practice (homework)

Handwriting Practice (homework)

Seriously, it’s a bit surreal to spend so many hours writing out ABC’s at my age (except in this case it’s a matter of practicing strokes, radicals, and characters the building blocks of Chinese written language).  It’s been over 50 years since I learned my native (and only) language, but the brain is an amazing creation and I’m already seeing evidence that new trails are being blazed between my ears.  And that’s promising, since there are thousands of new words to learn (and write)!

Hey Mom, hope you’re still proud of my handwriting!

Copyright © Kevin Beaty, YUNEV and “Feet on the Ground…”, 2014-2015.  All rights reserved.


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